Honey removal

Honey removal- its all mine
newly collected honey have a magic taste – nothing compares to the first spoon of honey from the centrifuge it is just delightful. When we first started up our bee keeping adventure I didnt really like honey and I stil dont fancy hard honey but whe i first got to taste fresh liquid honey I changed the tune completely.

Many Bee owners collect honey 2-3 times per year but we remove frames every week when we do the regular check – in late summer every 2nd week. In Bee keeping everythings is linked together and also how you collect your honey will impact the coming winter in and how good you start the next year.
If you continously remove frames and store some in plastic boxes you gain many advantages:
1. Yoe reduce the risc for swarming (3)
2. You gain control of the collected honey, this year we collected heavenly amber colored raspberry honey that we can sell at a higher price.
3. You avoid the risk to be sitting with 30 frames of stone hard Canola honey that cant be given to the bees as winter food nor be removed from the frames (lesson learned the hard way some years ago).
4. You have control that the bees have just the right amount of food to make broods.
5. You avoid heavy lifts – one full super box is quite heavy
6. Less work to carry out your weekly control since we usually only need one super and its usually not full.

If the nectar flow is low and they start to have too little honey in the hive we simply give a frame or two back – no fuzz and no sugar that later can be mixed with honey.

When its time to winter in we just add as much honey frames we have decided and we are not concerned with canola or cement honey since we know exactly what we stored.

As said in the beginning it is all connected and by having control over the honey collecting we can safely give them honey for the winter to ensure their immune system is fully loaded (2).

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