Vad sa biet som flög in i väggen med rumpan först?
Oh my gadd:)

Vilket offentligt transportsätt föredrar bin?
De åker Buzzzz:)

Vilken Bee-tleslåt är binas favorit?
Let it Beee

Vilken mental ohälsa råkar bina ofta ut för?
Bi-polär sjukdom

1. What’s black and yellow and flies at 30,000 feet?

A bee on an airplane.

2. What buzzes, is black and yellow, and goes along the bottom of the sea?

A bee in a submarine.

3. What do you call a bee that can’t quit talking?


4. What is small, black and yellow, and drops things?

A fumble bee.

5. What do bees chew?

Bumble gum!

6. What do you call a bee with messy hair?

A Frizz-bee.

7. What goes zzub-zubb when it travels?

A bee flying backwards.

8. What do unionized bees ask for?

More honey and shorter working flowers.

9. If there’s a bee in my hand, what’s in my eye?

Beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder.

10. What does a bee use to style her hair?

Her honey comb, of course.

11. What would bears be without bees?

Just ears.

12. What is a swarm of really small queen bees called?

The royal wee.

13. Why did the bee go to the dermatologist?

It had hives.

14. What music do bees like? Bee-bop, Bee-thoven, Bee-yoncé, The Bee-tles, Bee-stie Boys, Cros-bee, Stills, Nash & Young, or Justin Bee-ber?

They like Sting.

15. Why was the bee so hard to understand?

It was a mumble bee.

16. A bee’s favorite sport is rug-bee.

17. That pretentious wasp is just plain snob-bee!

18. What do bees like with their sushi?


19. What do you get when you cross a doorbell and a bee?

A hum-dinger!

20. When do bees get married?

When they’ve found their honey!

21. Where do worker bees go on vacation?


22. As soon as the bees were finished making their hive, they threw a big house-swarming party.

23. A wasp is nothing more than a wanna-bee.

24. No one at the party wanted to hear that bee talk about himself, but he just kept droning on.

25. What does the professor bee say when a student asks a question about the course?

It’s on the sylla-buzz.

26. Remember, if you offend an audience of beekeepers, you may hear some veiled threats.

27. What’s a bee’s favorite flower?

A bee-gonia.

28. What did the businesswoman say?

We’re in bees-ness now!

29. A combination of a bumblebee and a race dog will give you a Greyhound Buzz.

30. What do you call a bee that lives in America?


31. What do you call a bee that’s returned from the dead?

A zom-bee.

32. Which bee gives you a second chance?

The Plan Bee.

33. What do you call a bee that doesn’t cost anything?

A free-bee.

34. What do you call a bee that works for the government?

A pollentician.

35. Who’s a bee’s favorite painter?

Pablo Bee-casso.

36. Little bees take the school buzz to get to school.

37. When a bee writes a sonnet, it waxes poetic.

38. What’s the one thing bees never forget to bring to the beach?


39. What do you call a bee that needs a drink?


40. What do you call a ghost bee?

A bee boo.

41. What did the bee say to the flower?

Hey, bud!

42. What’s a bee’s favorite novel?

The Great Gats-bee.

43. Why do bees hum?

They don’t know the words.

44. Why was the bee fired from the barbershop?

He only knew how to give a buzz cut.

45. What is the most common blood type for bees?

Bee positive!

46. What happened when the bee phoned home?

She got a buzzy signal.